Art Direction

*Lytro was acquired in 2018 by Google and was used in their Pixel phones.

Light field photography captures the entire light field enabling you to explore a photograph through a multitude of perspectives and depths of field after the photo has been taken. This opens up an entire new creative aspect to photography, allowing the photographer to tell deeper stories and lead the viewer through their world. 

Lytro is photography in a different light. Our vision was to show light and perspective with every element of the Lytro branding.


My partner and I created the award-winning Lytro Illum packaging which unfolded and revealed itself through reflection and angles. We also created the exhibitor booth for Photokina 2015 where we set up a specially designed photo booth to capture multiple depths of field. We also created the brand guide, POS, and worked with Tumblr to create a unique "Living Pictures Gallery". Tumblr worked with us to support the special Lytro file type so photographers all over the world could share their light field images.

We also created two documentaries. One took us across the US to reveal Emotions in a Different Light with five unique photographers. The other showcased Iceland in a Different Light with photographer Chris Burkard.

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