Art Direction

Lytro came to us looking for a way to tell their story of depth and motion through their new depth field photography camera, the Lytro Illum. The camera was able to capture more than just a moment, it could capture a feeling. Moved by the concept, emotions felt intrinsically a part of the camera. We set to work using the Lytro Illum to capture emotions in a different light. 

We selected five leading visual storytellers each with a unique eye and focus of their art. Sports photographer Brian Nevins, Diorama artist and photographer Lori Nix, conceptual surrealist photographer Kyle Thompson, fashion photographers Roman Leo, and portrait photographer Anna Webber. They were each asked to capture five emotions: hope, love, fear, rage and grief.

We created a documentary film while on the road from Oregon to New York, working with each photographer while they discovered what they can do with this innovative new technology. The film was shown on the Tonight Show and news outlets such as Time Magazine and The Verge.

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