Art Direction

Intel was struggling to reach the global youth market, so they tasked GreenLight to help them rise above the competition and connect with the key Millennial demographic. For the first time ever, a brand was integrated into a GRAMMY performance on a global broadcast. By teaming up with one of the world’s biggest artists, we were able to create a compelling experience and transform Intel from an ingredient to an experience brand. 


The project started with a brainstorm of interesting things Intel could do with their technology and live music in a large concert series. An exciting concept for any music fan. We ultimately focused on the Lady Gaga performance at The Grammy's. I met with Intel in San Jose and they showed me their latest technologies and innovations. I went back to LA to brainstorm with the team. Projection mapping, drones, virtual makeup and costumes...

What resulted was a tribute to the various phases of David Bowie’s five-decade career courtesy of Intel computer graphics, interactive video, and robotics. Wearing a ring built on Intel technology, Gaga controlled the stage effects in real time. Through Intel powered facial scanning and projection mapping, she paid homage to Bowie’s various looks through the years. The performance also included an interactive video wall that the singer could control, robotics that gave her piano a life of its own, and interactive holograms.

The project was announced at the 2016 CES Keynote with a 50 second teaser trailer which led to an integrated campaign with social, digital, and TV content including a 30 second teaser spot and 90 second spot that ran immediately after the performance which drove viewers to a 7 minute behind the scenes film about the amazing Intel technology that powered the performance. 

See how GreenLight orchestrated this landmark partnership by seamlessly integrating a brand into music's biggest stage garnering 57.7 billion global impressions for Intel.

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